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Only an education that can nourish inbuilt virtues can impart true intelligence.Today, it is the concern of every parent that their children should grow up to be well educated human beings with certain values in their lives and that they should be happy. A well-educated person is one who is friendly and compassionate, who can be a ‘nobody’ with everybody.

Creative methods of teaching will help children build their personalities.Creative sports and ancient techniques such as meditation, yoga and pranayam should be part of a child’s learning process. “The need of the day is a broad-minded education accompanied by a warm heart”.

Everybody who has a stake in education must ponder on holistic, healthy education system that will retain the virtues and values which we are all naturally endowed with. Education must attend to all facets of human life. The key is to harness the ancient and be innovative with the modern.

-- H H Sri Sri Ravi Shankar